The Top 10 Promotional Products of 2016

It’s no surprise that 2016 topped the list as one of the most interesting years in recent history. Experiencing everything from presidential elections, the Rio Olympics and large mobs chasing Pokémon characters, the year was definitely a game changer.

For the promotional industry, 2016 saw not only a high demand for new-to-the-market, unique ‘hotlist’ products, but familiar, everyday products were reintroduced with new advancements as well.

Check out our list of top 10 promotional items that were a hit in 2016:

  1. Drones

The drone has become one of the hottest tech items in the industry. As companies like Amazon and Google look to use these high-flying devices, consumers are taking hold of the trend. Advertising your company name is easy and is sure to get a lot of attention.


  1. Waterproof Bluetooth Technology

Having a device with Bluetooth technology is now commonplace. Having a Bluetooth device that is waterproof is even better. With this new technology, you don’t have to worry about water damaging your Bluetooth speaker.


  1. Heather Apparel 

Branded apparel has always been a staple in the industry, but this year heather apparel rose in appeal. Maybe it’s because of its textured look or because of its popularity in the retail market. Whatever it is, heather apparel is available in a variety of forms in the promotional industry and brands are taking notice.


  1. Mobile Chargers

Within the last two years, mobile charges have become more popular; not just because of their practicality, but because of branding potential as well. Coming in all shapes and sizes, many of the chargers within the industry now offer full colour or full wrap branding options with a high value retail look.


  1. Selfie Sticks

As the selfie culture continues to rise, so to do the sales of selfie stick. Perfect for any promotion, selfie sticks bring continual brand awareness and is one promotional item that you know is well-worth hanging onto.


  1. Insulated Bottles

2016 saw new looks in the drinkware category. As many retail brands became increasingly popular, companies looked to mirror the style and feel of these brands at lower costs. These include the S’well and Yeti bottles, which are staples within the retail market. Offered in various colours and patterns, the promotional industry’s insulated bottles continue to be a big hit.


  1. Edible Giveaways

Edible giveaways continue to be a popular demand in the industry. From cookies to chocolates and candy, branded edibles make for a delicious giveaway.


  1. Adult Colouring Books

Children love to colour so why wouldn’t adults like it too? Adult colouring books are so popular today that the promotional market has adopted this product and companies love it. After all, what better way to decompress than to colour?


  1. Eco-Friendly Giveaways

Eco-friendly giveaways continue to be a trendy choice for companies. From notebooks, tote bags, pens and more, companies are gravitating towards these items to do their part for the environment.


  1. Virtual Reality Headsets

2016 saw an increase in interest in virtual reality sets. With new advancements in the technology, the promotional industry took notice and began introducing them into the market. Available at many suppliers, the popularity of branded VR headsets continues to rise.


For more information on any of the above-mentioned promo products, or to keep up to date on industry trends of 2017, be sure to contact Promotion Resource Group at 1-800-989-3023.

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