Putting your brand on the Night


The Tonight Show recently welcomed Jimmy Fallon to the stage as the new 2014 host.

Every host brings their own flavor to the stage. With Jimmy Fallon stepping in as the new face of the Tonight Show, a rebrand was the perfect way to showcase a new look and give the show another fresh start.

The Tonight Show has a renowned 60-year heritage on late night television.  For this reason, it was important that the 2014 rebrand aimed to include elements of past Tonight Show designs while also introducing a fresh look with bold qualities to appeal to new and old viewers. Keeping with the recurring theme, the moon plays a major role in the new logo design – this time around, a full moon is featured rather than a crescent moon as seen in past logos (shown below). The enlarged moon was chosen to emphasize the bold new direction the show was taking among the stars on late night television with Jimmy Fallon.

tonight show logos


As with any rebrand, much thought went into designing the show’s new logo. It needed to blend in with the show’s historic theme while portraying a fresh look. Above all it needed to be adaptable, designers knew the logo had to look just as good on TV as it did on promotional merchandise such as posters, mugs, t-shirts and other official merchandise.

A good universal logo can be recognized with a full colour logo application as well as a one colour option.  Traditional to trendy, today’s promotional industry has grown to feature almost any product you can think of. From custom umbrellas to glow in the dark t-shirt printing there are unlimited innovative promotional ideas and items to work with.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 11.05.27 AM


Offering a twist on the classic promotional tee, a glow in the dark version has been included in the swag collection for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  Along with other classics such as transition coffee  mugs (a talk show staple) and umbrellas, this campaign has been successful in promoting the show’s new host in a creative yet functional way. Choosing the right swag for a brand’s personality is imperative in reaching and capturing the attention and the emotion of the desired audience. Of course, a recognizable brand is also key.

Our creativity will bring light where there is the night!

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