The Carousel

Mad Men fans welcome the seventh and final season this month, with the premiere earlier this week.  Mad Men has given us a glimpse into the advertising/marketing industry of the 60’s and has gone on to receive much critical acclaim. The show has picked up multiple Emmy’s and Golden Globes along the way with praise particularly for it’s historical authenticity.

The promotional industry took off in the 60’s, enhancing the way brands interacted with consumers. Many promotional campaigns offered branded products similar to what we see today. Branded mugs, bottle openers and other classics found their way into more and more commercial promotions.

60's products

Similar to the theme of the pivotal Kodak Carousel pitch Mad Men’s first season ended with, promotional items represent something more and go beyond the idea of simple ‘giveaways’. They represent an emotional connection between a brand and the consumer. Promotional items convey a personal message intended for each unique user. This message must influence commitment and speak to the consumer on an emotional level for it to be effective.

To kick off the new season premiere of Mad Men, we put together some of our favourite modern promotional items that feature a retro twist. From vintage themed handbags to retro styled drinkware, the past has never looked so good.

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