Prepare For A Warm NFL Welcome


It’s been a cold winter so far and with the 2014 Super Bowl this weekend, fans are preparing to bundle up. The current forecast seems to be looking up with a prediction of 28 F, but in case of another temperature drop The NFL has thought ahead and prepared a pretty great swag bag for this year’s chilly stadium goers.


Game attending fans will receive a swag bag chalked full of ‘hot’ items including hand warmers, a beanie, gloves and earmuffs to keep them warm. Chapstick, tissues, an in-house radio and a bandana will also be included in a bag that doubles as a seat cushion.


Functional swag that directly benefits future prospects makes for great exposure and an effective campaign strategy. Who doesn’t love getting swag? However, studies show promotional items only tend to stick around if they are actually functional and benefit the user.


With this polar vortex upon us, the NFL has integrated a clever tagline with classic swag choices that are sure to create memories for dedicated football fans and first-time attendees alike. The XLVIII Super Bowl’s Warm Welcome giveaway should make for a positive experience that will last the entire winter season; an innovative example of a fantastic promotion.

Warm Up Welcome Swag