The Future of NFL Swag is Clear

The NFL has recently set strict rules regarding what fans can bring into game stadiums. Game goers can now only bring personal items into the stadium via clear bags. Whether a clear tote or a large freezer bag, the NFL has begun to pre-approve bag sizes and specifications. With the fans in mind, these new bag guidelines will attempt to shorten security check times and increase safety measures during game days.

The sports industry may be one of the first to implement such strict bag rules but the ‘clear bag movement’ seems to be catching on. A predicted trend among Universities, clear tote bags can be branded with any mascot or team logo. The NFL is also allowing team and league logos to be included on pre-approved stadium bags, giving fans a chance to express themselves.

Not crazy about the look of the ‘clear tote’? Remember the overnight Home Depot bag trend? Home Depot shoppers didn’t love the bright orange shopping totes at first either. But we all know how fast it blew up and became one of this year’s biggest fashion trends, popping up all over New York and in the hands of well known celebrities. What remains to be seen is the influence the NFL’s new bag policies will have on other sports as well as in other industries.

Thanks to this growing trend the promotional industry will play a big part in branding and distribution of NFL approved tote bags. The demand for clear tote bags is already on the rise due to this game-changer in the world of swag and many promotional agencies are getting in on the action.

NFL clear bags

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For more information regarding approved bag sizes and what you can bring into NFL stadiums, search the #NFLALLCLEAR hashtag or check out the link below: