#SocialGood = Home Run

For many of us, community involvement is an important part of our life—its in our DNA.  Participating in our community has a multiplier effect and I feel that we genuinely get more back out of the commitment to our community.  I feel that the actual act we participate in and its addictive effect on our souls is amazing…help us spread the word #socialgood.

Naturally businesses want to get in the game, be good corporate citizens and show how they can authentically get involved and engaged with the community. This is good for business for a variety of reasons. It’s certainly an excellent way to increase staff morale, team building and engagement and company pride.

Having been to more events than I can count, I know a successful one when I see it. It seems while many simply try, I must say that the Toronto Blue Jays really do hit it out of the park.

For the Jays, community involvement is in their blood. This summer the Jays will hold their 25th Rookie League event in Toronto. Boys and girls across the country will be introduced to the sport of baseball in a big way, playing with some of the biggest names on the Blue Jay roster. The mission— to get kids active, to teach them life skills that come from playing on a team, and of course, to teach them all about baseball.

Last year alone, Rookie League introduced over 3,500 kids across Canada to the sport of baseball. With an astounding $60,000 raised for local baseball associations across Ontario, the event was a triumph for all. With their Jays Care motto in hand, the event is one of the greatest successes for the Blue Jays and a great example of what it means to give back and get more. Be part of the movement and make a change!


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