Great TV Deserves Great Swag.


Reinforce TV watching with comfort swag for your home.  Great TV deserves great Swag. There’s nothing better than getting swag that promotes your favourite shows. Ok, it gets better if the product is relevant and actually useable. Because we are always on the lookout for interesting themed holiday or event merchandise, we decided to look back on some popular 2012 shows and movies that were paired with great swag.

Fox promoted their ‘Sunday Night’ line-up with this themed sundae bar assortment. Complete with Simpson, Family Guy, Cleveland Show and Bob’s Burgers themed sundae toppings – this promo was sticky sweet and a real winner with fans.

A&E brought the beards to you with this Duck Dynasty themed merchandise. Who doesn’t love a themed Chia Pet? This interesting and relevant swag choice made for a successful and welcomed promotion with high display value…and is safer than a beard made of bees.

Need a cookie for that long intergalactic voyage? These Star Trek cookie cutters are a good example of a creative promotion that will stick around. Quality cookie cutters tend to be kept and pulled out of the baking drawer a few times a year. Maybe the next time you do a little baking, you’ll be compelled to watch a certain movie?

Great swag always has utility. If you want a successful promotion, remember to choose items that are relevant to your brand and have good value. These items tend to stick around longer and are remembered.