Business Cards Get 3D


It seems everything is better in 3D these days and it looks like business cards are no exception.

How do you stand out when 10 billion business cards are printed each year, 88% of which are discarded a week after being received from a business contact. In this cluttered world of contact information, it’s important to make a lasting professional impression.

3D printers have recently become more mainstream and popular among the design industry, with them new trends have been popping up everywhere. 3D business cards being one of the many new 2013 trends offer a more creative way to get your name out there and are more likely to spark conversation over the traditional approach. Just shy of 1 square inch, these hollow cubes can be inscribed with text and graphics much like a regular business card.

Noticing new business and product trends is a big part of what Promotion Resource Group is all about. Always being on the look out for new and exciting trends and products makes for great swag!

Thinking you might make the switch from 2D? Let us know what you think of this new trend by leaving a comment below.