The Tech Savvy Professional


Technology is consistently being improved to make work and play easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Better sound quality, high definition screens and fast internet connectivity are all sought after features in today’s popular products. These qualities become even more important when our job relies on them. If you’ve ever had a business call drop or a webinar ruined by a slow connection or faulty speakers, you know the importance of dependable gadgets.

Our ‘Work’ catalog features many great hi-tech items to impress any tech savvy professional. Here are a few of this year’s ‘must-have’ items. Show off your logo and get crystal clear sound with the Hades headphones, then charge all of your gadgets on the go with the Zoom energy bar. The Zoom dual stylus provides an easy way to select apps with precision while eliminating smudges with the roll out screen cleaner.

Give your team the gift of technology this year, with Promotion Resource Group!

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Hoarders with Swag


Earlier this year we conducted an Ethnography study to see how promotional items affected behavior in the workplace.

From corporate events to holiday Christmas parties, everyone loves to get swag. These promotional products act in a way as trophies that say “hey, look where I’ve been!” People often display their swag proudly in their workspace as a conversation piece and as a way to personalize their area.

Now, you would assume any swag is good swag, right? Guess again. We found that people have strong opinions on ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ swag. Ok, so the good swag is kept and displayed and the ‘bad’ swag must be hidden or thrown out, right? Wrong again, we discovered people often keep undesired or broken items around as a reminder of a boring event or to remember the brand that supplied them with low quality items.

Gear up with great swag from PRG in the new year! Visit our facebook page and website for great ideas your team will love.

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A Movember to Remember


This year we wanted to make a lasting impression while supporting fellow Mo bros and Mo Sistas this Movember. Our very own Mark put his upper lip on the line with our ‘Pick Mark’s Mo’ contest, where you voted which moustache style Mark should grow. You voted and choose the very posh ‘Connoisseur’ moustache as the winning style!

Mark grew a moustache worthy of any true connoisseur and made all of us at PRG proud by raising his hard earned donation towards the fight against prostate cancer and men’s mental health.

Along with Mark, thousands of Canadians showed their support and raised over $37 million putting Canada at the top of this years Movember leaderboard – Way to go Mo Bros!

We appreciate everyone who voted. And now, we present the final look, enjoy!

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