Holiday Ideas For The Modern Caveman


Gifting has been part of our anthropology since the beginning; it’s in our DNA, a tool for survival. Think about one group or village gifting another for food, economics, safety or mutual support…sound familiar?  We are still doing this today. While our human “exchange system” is centered on obligations to give, receive and most importantly reciprocate, gifting has significant underlying benefits. We recently completed a mobile ethnography study on promotional products that revealed some powerful insights for the use of brand promotional products:

* Gifts strengthen the connection one has with a brand – shifting from a commodity relationship to a meaningful dialogue and exchange.

* Personalized items have the most perceived value and will build the strongest relationships with your brand.

 * We often view received merchandise as trophies of our professional lives. These ‘trophies’ help to communicate our value to others.

Wanna know more?

We will continue to cover the areas of our study in the coming months. Stay tuned for our next segment, touching on ‘swag accumulation’…hoarder alert!

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