To Ban or Not to Ban

The plastic bag has certainly been getting a lot of attention lately. Should it come at a cost, should it stay or should it be banned altogether? This week, unexpectedly Toronto decided to ban the bag completely, some would say with inadequate consultation.

Now the idea behind the ban is reasonable – we all want to help out the environment as much as we can. Is the outright prohibition of providing plastic shopping bags at a retail level a little hasty? Some say yes, some counter, I feel a lawsuit may be looming against the city of Toronto.

While the process continues to play out we applaud Canadian corporations taking a leadership role by helping others to do their part in reducing plastic usage levels. TD Canada Trust has gone even further with their efforts in creating the ‘TD Friends of the Environment Foundation’ (FEF) which aims to focus on making environmentally friendly choices within communities. Last year TD gave away half a million of the environmentally friendly and stylish bags!

Pop, Chill, Enjoy

Hey all you beer drinkers out there, try this on for size. Not only is the Pop Top Chiller a bottle coolie, it has a bottle opener on the bottom! Innovation at its finest? – maybe, but it does make for a convenient night of beer drinking. Available in seven colours and able to fit most glass beverage bottles, the Pop Top Chiller would make a pretty cool gift.

Top Five Picks for Father’s Day

It’s that time again. On June 17th it’s Dad’s day. Haven’t thought about what you’re going to get him yet? Don’t worry – PRG has your back with this manly TOP 5 gift idea list that will score you a few points with your old man.

5: Grilling books. Now don’t just get him any cook book. He wants something that says ”I have earned the rightful spot as Grill Master.” Try ‘Eat Like A Man: The Only Cookbook A Man Will Ever Need’.

4: Gadgets. Everyone knows any Dad would love to get his hands on the latest and greatest technology. Surprise Dad with a sweet tablet or some cool Blu-rays. Can’t go wrong!

3: Dinner fit for a King. What guy doesn’t love a good steak. Gather all the ingredients to make a killer meal this father’s day. It’s also the perfect excuse to try out some excellent mail-order meat establishments for a restaurant quality meal.

2: Sports Tickets. Do we really need to explain?

1: Prepaid landscaping services. Common, Dad is the master at cutting the lawn and turning the hedges into sculptures, but he deserves a break! Get Dad a landscaping package this June. He’ll be happy with the lawn and you won’t have to listen to him complain about his back.

Idea Paint

No, its not a paint that does the brainstorming for you. Idea paint allows you to make any surface erasable for your own creative use. As strong believers in creative group collaboration, PRG wanted to see what all the buzz was about – so we slapped on a coat and let the markers fly. Great for brainstorming sessions, office wide interaction and a way to express ongoing projects Idea Paint is a fantastic little product that leaves a big impact.