Canada Day Giveaway

It’s Canada’s birthday, so let’s celebrate! Right now with any purchase of $2,500 from our Canada Day Deck you will receive two beautiful Muskoka chairs – now that’s something to celebrate! Brighten your Canada Day traditions this year and make it unforgettable with festive swag for the whole team. Our 2012 Canada Day deck is full of great items, perfect for showing true Canadian pride.

It’s Beach Season!

Ah, a day at the beach. This picture is of Grand Beach, Manitoba, love this beach lots of great memories. After a sunny filled long May 24 weekend, we felt it`s only fitting to share some of our picks and “must haves” when heading to the beach for the day.

California Innovations 24-Can Cooler
This cooler collapses for easy storage. Easy-Access zipper less pocket allows for quick retrieval of chilled items. Can hold up to 24 12oz cans, great for a long day in the sun.

Beach Game Pack in Drawstring Knapsack
This all in one game pack includes a variety of different items that’ll be sure to keep everyone entertained.

Folding Beach Seat
This portable and light weight chair folds easily for storage in a Velcro closure. It’s a perfect alternative to the classic beach towel.

Custom Flip Flops
Customize your own flip flops and make a statement at the beach this year. The Classic flip flop is perfect for corporate promotional events.

Custom Surfboard Towel
Be sure to stand out! For both innovation and high impact, consider a full customized surfboard-shaped towels.

Most Iconic Promotional T-Shirts of All Time

We all have our favourite t-shirts. You know, the shirts that have been through the wash enough times that the imprints are barely visible, and yet we still continue to wear them with pride. Here’s a look at a few iconic t-shirts that I’m sure have graced the closets of many of us. Let us know your favorite or if you have one that we need to add. Post on our Facebook wall or tweet a picture using PRG handle @prgstore and we will add to the blog.