Weird Wednesday: The Chewer

For today’s Weird Wednesday promotional feature we are showcasing The Chewer. One of the most impractical promotional items, let alone items, I think we`ve ever come across.

Having trouble counting the number of chews you`re making before you decide to swallow your food? No need to worry, the chewer keeps track of it for you, simply attach the item to your jaw and let it do all counting for you!

This item would be a great promo item when hosting your next big corporate luncheon, or perhaps a fancy cocktail dinner. All joking aside, you probably won`t find this product with us, but if you are interested in some unique and actually useful promotional items, PRG can make it happen.

National Sweater Day – February 9, 2012


Make sure to put on your favourite sweater and turn the heat down a few degrees to help WWF take action against climate change, and work toward a sustainable future. If you aren’t able to remember, one of the many Granny’s from the WWF Granny Call Centre will be more than happy to remind you, simply pick which one you’d like to call you and she’ll deliver a personalized message reminding you to layer up and turn down the heat. Our personal favourite is Ruth, have her or one of the 20 Granny’s give you a call today. Layer up tomorrow with your favourite promotional swag!