Weird Wednesday: Jar of Knives


For today’s Weird Wednesday promotional feature we are showcasing a jar of engraved knives. While there are more unusual promotional products out there, this supersized jar of knives just poked us the wrong way. If you want to stop your annoying co-workers from asking too many questions then this may be the perfect promotional product for your desk. I mean who wants to bother a guy with 72 knives on display on their desk?

Perhaps they are also a great promotional product for the typical bachelor… why wash your knives when you have a jar full of them! But don’t get us wrong here; a nice set of custom engraved knives does make a great promotional product. But a jar of 72 just feels a little weird to us.





For the knife enthusiast in all of us.



Trendy Tuesday: Credit Card USB


We think we have found a pretty cool alternative to the typical USB drives that you may have seen. USB drives are great for quick storage on the go, and have come down in price. We find that USB drives are often easy to lose and annoying to keep track of. And if you are like us then you probably have a couple scattered on your desk and maybe one or two in a drawer somewhere. Sure you can put them on your key chain, which is a little bulky, or even wear it around your neck; which was cool back in 2001.
We think that the Credit Card USB drive is the answer! It’s pretty cool that a USB drive can now fit in your wallet, and can come in any colour you want! Lots of customers ask us to load company information on USB drives for them, as they often hand them out with business cards at trade shows and other events. But what if your business card was also a USB drive? We think it’s a great idea to give out some of these as your business card with company information loaded right on it! The imprint area for a logo and business information is much larger than a typical USB and it is more memorable than a regular business card. If you want more information click the request a quote link!

Movember Mojo


I’m sure by now most of you have heard of Movember. Although some men cannot grow a full glorious stache, they are all part of the “brotherhood”- an elite group of males who start with a clean shaven face November 1st and end with a dirty, patchy upper lip come November 30th.  And Movember isn’t just for men, Mo Sista’s  are encouraged to cheer on their Mo Bro’s every year.

The goal of Movember is to help raise awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer.  Check out our Mark Jacksons’ Mo Bro page here and stay tuned for updates! Mark was able to briefly meet with Adam Garone (@adamgarone) at the Montreal Sponsorship Conference this summer during the F1. Adam is the CEO and founder of the Movember Foundation, and he inspired Mark to take part in the movement this year.

To keep everyone in the Movember spirit, we have a free giveaway that will last until the end of Movember! Tweet the link to this blog post on Twitter and be sure to mention and follow @prgstore. Those who do will receive a free pack of character mustaches (self adhesive, reusable- pack of 12). What kind of mustache are you- Handlebar, Einstein or maybe even Fu Manchu?

Great looking mustaches for all occasions.
Self adhesive, looks real. Use over and over.

The brief history of Movember is an interesting one. The idea arose out of Australia in 1999, and really started to catch on in 2004 when the Movember Foundation was created to help spread awareness. In 2007, the Movember Foundation launched in Canada, and although it seemed like a fad at first, the movement is becoming more and more popular every year.  Right now Canada is in first place with 224,250 participants and $15,462,003 in funds raised month to date.