Pop The Pirate sets sail!


It has now been four days since we sent Pop The Pirate on an adventure throughout North America. Some may say that sailing to far off lands in a vessel made only of cardboard is not possible, but Pop has proven those scallywags wrong! He has indeed completed his journey successfully to some far off lands, which is pretty impressive for a pirate under 1 foot tall.  Our captain and his scurvey mates worked all weekend to ensure Pop and his loot would make its way to your office. Has Pop The Pirate found his way to your office yet? If so then tweet a picture of him mentioning @prgstore for your chance to win a Tiffany treasure! View the pictures below to see the extent of his journey so far!

Pop The Pirate set sail from PRG with his bounty of gold coins and a treasure map!


Check out the images below to see where Pop has been on his journey!



November 2, 2011 Update!

Yarr! And the winner be…

Avast! A winner has been found to recieve Pop’s loot! The Winner of the Tiffany Treasure be Karolyn H for her picture of Pop The Pirate making friends at SteriMax! Karolyn H (@The_HotKarl) was randomly selected from all the tweets we received. Thanks be to everyone for participating!

The winning picture of Pop and his scurvy mates!